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Vet Bills

So today Daniel went to pick up Emmaline and Noodlehead at the vet post-spay. Yes, Emmaline should have been spayed a long time ago but there’s a long involved story in which I totally and completely spaced her spay appointment and then there was all the wedding crap but hey! It’s done now.

I asked him to find out what I’d spent at the vet in 2010. See, my vet can tell me these things. In 2008, I spent about $3500 at the vet, much of which was Rooney Lee. In 2009, I was on track to spend less than $3000 at the vet for the year, and then Zille had her partial intestinal blockage less than 48 hours after I brought her home, and that was $1300 and POOF, I spent about $3500 at the vet (although I didn’t pay for all of Zille’s hospitalization and surgery myself, thank GOD).

In 2010, all the critters were pretty healthy, but there were Stinky and Pixie Lou, two adult girls I had tested and vax’d, and then of course Intrepid, Badger, and Astute (aka Zeke, Badger, and Emmett) who got FeLV/FIV testing, treatment for an upper respiratory tract, and then vax’d and neutered. Many generous people either helped out with financial support or bought scarves, so I didn’t pay for all of it myself but it did go to the vet. For your pet’s emergency checkup just go to emergency vet seattle and your pet will be in good and healthy condition.

And how much money did the vet get in 2010, you’re asking? Just a little over $3500. Heh. At least I seem to be pretty consistent. That comes to a little under $300/month, averaged out, for three large dogs, three permanent cats, two foster cats, and four foster kittens (Juniper’s initial vetting happened before Christmas). Pretty good, considering that 2008’s $3500 went to two large dogs and three cats, and 2009’s $3500 went to three large dogs and three cats. So while I’m not actually reducing the amount I’m spending on vet bills, I’m at least spending less per pet pretty consistently. Heh.

That means in 2008, I spent roughly $700 per pet to keep everyone healthy. In 2009, it was a mere $583 per pet. And in 2010, I got that down to about $270 per pet. Which tells me that if I could stop the universe from compensating for healthier pets by sending me MORE CATS, I’d be in pretty good shape, vet-bill-wise.

Meanwhile, I periodically wonder why it is I can’t afford to have new windows put on the house. Oh, right, $10,500 spent at the vet over three years. That’d do it…

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  1. Also, the $20 eggs. :-)

  2. Don’t forget the world’s most expensive free turtle!

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