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Ponderings and Possibilities

I generally try to keep Teh Serious out of this blog. I mean, let us face it, there are any number of Serious Blogs out there where you can read about Serious Things. You can even read about Serious Animal Related things, and if you are looking for a blog that periodically does Serious Dog (and Other Animal) related things, I highly recommend For The Pitbulls over there on the right hand side of the page under “Blogroll.”

But I’m going to break pattern here to tell you that I’ve been having chronic pain issues for years now, and they finally got bad enough over the last year that I went to the trouble of finding a doctor who is knowledgeable and respectful and listens and the consensus is that I probably have fibromyalgia, which for those of you who are not familiar means I am tired a lot, I am in pain a lot, and periodically my brain is somewhere off in left field (probably because I am tired and in pain). I’m seriously pondering getting a cane because of the balance issues I have, especially when I’m tired.

I’m also VERY seriously pondering a puppy this spring. Yes, yes, I can hear you asking if I’m nuts. But this time around I am looking at a Working Dog Puppy, with an eye towards intensively training said puppy to become a Mobile Cane and All Around Mobility Assistant. It will take two years at least, because the dog will not be able to do weight-bearing tasks until his (or her) growth plates have totally fused and he (or she) has been X-rayed and verified as sound orthopedically. There is a possibility I will spend 2 years training said puppy and … have to wash the dog out of training. Which would suck.

But I have researched Service Dog programs here in Virginia, and the two that do service dogs for Wobbly But Ambulatory people will not place a service dog in a home with pet dogs. Well, that’s not going to work, since you can have my pet dogs when you pry my gun from my cold dead fingers. The one program I found that does NOT mention automatically disqualifying people with pet dogs does not do dogs for Wobbly But Ambulatory people, only people who use wheelchairs. Well, crap.

So anyway, there is the possibility of puppy come springtime. I have my eye on a couple litters of German Shepherds due this year, looking for a puppy who is bright, people-oriented, even-tempered, and confident. A puppy who wants to work with a people like Tink wants all the pillows on the futon for her own personal use. A puppy who sees strange things and thinks “Goodness, that is odd, I should ask my person what to do about this.” A puppy who will ignore all the people in the world who think they are freakin clever to meow, bark, and call to service dogs. I will also be talking to various professional dog trainers, because it is always useful to have some professional help with this kind of in-depth, complicated training.

Or maybe I’ll chicken out, because raising a puppy, let alone one you want to be skilled enough to handle public access, is a full-time job in and of itself. We shall see, gentle readers. But there is the possibility of vicarious puppy in your future, and I wanted to warn you in case you can’t handle the cute.

4 thoughts on “Ponderings and Possibilities

  1. Spike’s learned, in the six months that I’ve been dealing with thyroid crash, to be pretty good at helping his wobbly but ambulatory person stay upright. I’m all for puppy enabling, but I bet Zille could learn everything you needed just as quick.

  2. Hope you have more days where you feel as strong and energetic as your writing. Tough illness, but what poise and grace in your words.

  3. Andrea, I think Liz is right. From what you’ve written about Zille, it sounds like she is a perfect candidate.

  4. I’ve got arthritis myself and I just wanted to say, take care of yourself. Do what you need to feel as good as you can.

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