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Happy Birthday to La Diva Tinkerbella

She is six years old today! Mostly blind, carrying scars from various abscess surgeries, and currently half-bald yet again (we had a period of several months where I convinced her to grow hair, but she decided it was too much work), but still the most beautiful dog in the world. Yesterday she got her nails trimmed (I wheedled my friend Christine into doing it) and today she will get COOKIES and TREATS and her butt scratched whenever she wants, and also the warmest and most pillow-full place by the wood stove.

Happy birthday, Tink, and may we have many more of these celebrations together.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to La Diva Tinkerbella

  1. A very Happy Birthday Tink! Sending butt scratchies and tummy rubs! :)

  2. Happy Diva-Day Miss Tink!

  3. happy birthday tink!

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