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Chickens: most excellent soothers.

I am not the only person to recognize this in the world, gentle readers. Today, let me link you to a piece my good friend S. E. Smith wrote over at This Ain’t Livin: Today We’re Going to Talk About Chickens.

A brief sample that will help you understand why I absolutely adore S. E.:

Try spending some time with chickens. It’s immensely cheering and soothing, as long as you aren’t the type of get all self conscious about the fact that you’re hanging out with chickens. Some people are, you know. . .

Seriously, after the news yesterday I was not feeling a happy camper. Attempts at assassination tend to harsh my mellow in a pretty serious way, along with all the rampant speculation about which/how many mental illness(es) the shooter had, I was in fact very disgruntled. And then I went out and I sat with the chickens, and there were two eggs, and the chickens did chickeny things and said “bweeek?” at me and Bebelina shyly sidled up and pecked my shoe, and I felt much better.

In other Antidotes To A Sucky World: Musket is hilarious. I spent 30 minutes yesterday throwing a ball at his face. He thinks this is the Best House Game Ever[1] and spent the entire rest of the day bringing me his ball and trying to put it in my hand. Finally I gave in and started throwing it for him. In the house. He thought that was great, too. Also, he turned a year old on…Friday, I think. To celebrate, he is lifting a leg to pee, something he didn’t do last time he stayed here. But he hasn’t quite grasped the concept that you lift the leg to pee ON something, so he’s just standing there, in the middle of the yard, with one back paw lifted about 3″ off the ground. Makes me giggle, every time.


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