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Random Chicken Update

Matilda: Top hen. Laying reliably through the winter, we’re getting an egg pretty much every day from her. Very concerned that any food coming to chickens come to her first.

Lorena: Second in command. Laying sort of reliably through the winter, she gives us one egg every 2-3 days. Deeply charming and likes to stand and go “bweek” at you through the enclosure.

Ayinnanku: Social climber. Will probably supersede Lorena and may unseat Matilda some day. Has not yet started laying.

Bebelina: Petite, sweet little chicken who likes you to offer her food from your hand. Not at all interested in social status, just in scratching and pecking for food. Has not yet started laying.

Eggs: to date, Matilda and Lorena have furnished us with 47 eggs. Almost 4 dozen! I updated the egg spreadsheet, it now debits the chickens for the cost of their accommodations and feed, but automatically credits them for each egg we didn’t have to buy because they laid one. This means that we are down to $17.17 per egg as of 1800 on Wednesday, 5 January. Of course, with the cost of commercial cage-free (non-organic) eggs at $0.27 each, it will take approximately 1500 eggs if we never spend another penny on chickens before the cost of our eggs matches that of commercial eggs.

On the other hand, in terms of sitting and watching chickens be chickens, and eating eggs knowing that the chickens in question get to peck and scratch and dust bathe and hunt for bugs and things, well, those eggs are way worth it. Also it’s kind of cool to be able to say I just ate a $34 omelet.

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