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Answering Googled Questions

1) how much is a dozen chicks
Twelve, just like a dozen of anything else.

2) pictures of braxton bragg
I have a whole set on Flickr dedicated to just this! Wait, you were looking for pics of the Confederate general of the same name? Can’t help you there. But Brax is an uncommonly handsome cat, don’t you think?

3) how to stop turtles from digging out
You can do a couple things to keep your turtle safely enclosed. One, you can put down 12″ x 12″ pavers around the inside of the turtle enclosure; two, you can bury a barrier up to 12″ deep around the edge of the pen. Which you choose to do depends on the digging ability of your particular turtle, which can vary among individuals in any given species.

One thought on “Answering Googled Questions

  1. Hey, how is Jeremiah Swakhammer doing? Is he all hunkered down in dormant winter mode??

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