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Out with the old…

It’s New Year’s Eve! And my God, what a year. I started the year living alone on the Manor, insofar as anyone can be alone with three cats and three large dogs, and I’m ending the year with six cats in the house, four chickens out back, and a husband.

This year also marked the start of the cat-rescuing, and to date I’ve managed to place three adults and three kittens! Juniper goes to his new home a couple weeks into the new year, so that will be an auspicious start. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my gentle readers, who linked the kitties all over the place, bought scarves, graciously donated cash, and offered me enormous encouragement. You all have my deepest, deepest gratitude!

I’ve also managed to get myself halfway to an associate’s degree, which is pretty damn cool. I should finish that up this summer, unless I take the summer off again.

And of course, after months and months of dealing with US Citizenship and Immigration Services and the State Department, we managed to get Daniel over here and we got married! Which was very exciting, both because YAY! my beloved and I are no longer separated by an enormous freakin ocean, but because of the friends who were able to drop everything and show up from all corners of the US to attend. We should do it again sometime.

It’s been a pretty good year, in retrospect, no major health problems for the critters, for which I am deeply thankful. The only blot on the whole thing was my worsening chronic pain issues, which my doc feels are probably fibromyalgia. This sucks because it means I will probably never get any better, and I’m having to readjust my ideas of what I can do and what the consequences are likely to be. On the other hand, at the moment I’ve got a med that does help some, even if it doesn’t fix the problem, and the support of my family and my best beloved, so that’s all right.

Tonight we head down to Blackthorn Kennel for mild debauchery and good company. Christine will be there of course, and a couple other friends, and there will be good food and a HUGE pile of dogs. I can’t think of a better way to ring in the new year.

Here’s wishing you, gentle readers, all the best in 2011! May your dogs be well-behaved, your cats snuggly, your chickens reliable layers, and may you all prosper!

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  1. Holidays are ALWAYS made better with animals there.

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