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Cat Sports: Synchronized Sleeping

On the left, Aida (a seal-point Siamese) is curled into a ball but about three-quarters upright against the back of the recliner.  Next to her on the right, his head touching her butt, is Roo (an orange-and-white Cornish Rex) who is curled into exactly the same position.

Aida and Roo practice for the 2012 Summer Olympics. As you can see, they have their routine down pat, although Roo might get them docked a point for having his elbow on the outside of his knee when Aida has her knee tucked over her elbow.

2 thoughts on “Cat Sports: Synchronized Sleeping

  1. I give the routine a 9.5/10. The elbow thing is minor. :)

  2. I agree with Selma and I LOVE the picture.

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