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Christmas Roundup!

We did make it down to my parents’ house in Roanoke, all three dogs and Roo in tow. We even made it home, which is even more impressive given the snow that was rolling up the coast. Alas, we cheated and fled ahead of the storm, and then the Manor got maybe an inch. Given how much hit Richmond I am intensely grateful because things could have gone a lot worse!

A good chunk of my haul was books, which explains my horrible neglect of my gentle readers; I have everything from dissections of early Christianity to analysis of the early 19th century Nullification Crisis to fun fiction to read, and I am reading it in advance of classes starting again in three weeks! Meanwhile I am trying a different dose of meds for my chronic pain, hoping to get me more functional, but it’s fighting the record lows here in the Piedmont so I’m still creaking around like a very creaky thing.

The chickens, meanwhile, are back to regular laying, or at least Matilda is. Australorps are supposed to be good winter layers, and she’s certainly doing well on that front. Lorena produces an egg every couple of days, and still nothing from Bebelina and Ayinnanku, who are getting HUGE. Ayinnanku in fact has been asserting herself more, and I think Matilda may find it difficult to hang onto her spot as the Top Hen at this rate. To date we’ve gotten 39 eggs, which means we are down to a mere $20.75/egg after figuring in all costs. Go, little chickens, go!

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