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Winterthing Cuteness

Juniper is taking celebrating Winterthing very seriously, as you can see. He is practicing waiting for Big Sky Cat, who on Winterthing Eve comes down from the clouds and gives good cats presents. For Winterthing, Juniper would like the other cats to stop looking at his stuffymouse, and also to have a date scheduled to move into a Forever Home where there are no giant dogs who constantly want to sniff his butt.

Juniper, a small black and white kitten with a face that looks oddly like a skull due to a propitious black triangle on his nose, kittyloafs underneath a small wilted artificial Winterthing tree which boasts one round red ornament.

3 thoughts on “Winterthing Cuteness

  1. Dear WinterThing Celebrant Juniper:

    We are studiously ignoring stuffymouse (what stuffymouse? nevah hoid of it). Also there are no buttsniffers of any kind on the premises.

    I hope SkyCat will give us you for WinterThing.


  2. I swear, every time you put up a photo of Juiper lately he’s in that same position.

    1. Hazards of a laid-back kitten! Although I need to find my little camera what does video so I can get shots of him playing with his stuffymouse.

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