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The bathroom is infested with kitten. Again.

EDIT: Please see this post for the skinny on adopting the kitten, who has been christened Juniper because it’s nicer than calling him “the kitten”!

Despite the blase subject line, I have to say: WOO HOO I FINALLY GOT BRIAR ROSE’S KITTEN. I was sitting here in the room I share with Roo last night reading a really depressing news article when Daniel called to me to say there was a kitten on the porch. So I went and got some wet food, intending to bait the trap, but apparently kitten was starving because it thought about running when I went out, but when I took a chance on setting down the wet food it came running up to eat and I nabbed it.

Did I get pictures? No. I made Daniel get pictures while I cuddled the kitten. Behold!
A black and white kitten, about four months old, looks directly into the camera against a backdrop of fuzzy blue pajamas.  The kitten has a triangular black marking over its nose that makes it look startlingly like a skull mask.

The kitten gazes wide-eyed up at the Lady of the Manor, who fed it an entire can of wet food upon bringing it in.  It is working the adorability like only a kitten can.

In other news, I am dealing with the run-up to finals week at school and thus have not been around as much as I should. But things are going well here at the Manor, gentle readers!

7 thoughts on “The bathroom is infested with kitten. Again.

  1. Good job! I’m surprised Kitten let you cuddle it, though. I figured it would be all nails and hissing.

  2. omg kitteennnnnn I love the nose. Details! Boy? Girl? Name?

  3. That is one obnoxiously cute kitten.

  4. I know you’ve already seen my response on the CR Friends site, but OMGOMGOMGOMG, he so CUUUUUUUUUTE! :)

  5. That kitten’s head is perfect.

  6. […] The Manor of Mixed Blessings is once again kitten-infested – This time it’s just one kitten, mind you. But he/she is pretty damn adorable. The newcomer is a cow-kitty who will be vetted, “speutered” (as the case may be) and up for adoption ASAP, as Andrea already has a full household of rescues, thank you very much. This kitten is roughly in the north Virginia area – and I say “roughly” because Andrea has been known to drive quite some distance in order to place foundlings in good homes. Click over to see the pics and/or consider a four-footed addition to your family. * There is no pay grade. I volunteered! Wee! […]

  7. Goodness gracious is kitten beautiful. He reminds me of a previous foster, Jackson (

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