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Answering More Googled Questions

1) how do box turtles move

While at first glance box turtles appear to move by walking, this is actually just some clever misdirection on their part. Hidden cameras have shown that when an Eastern Box Turtle thinks no one is looking, it retracts its legs into its shell and engages its hoverjets, which propel it over the landscape at some truly startling speeds. This is why if you look away from a turtle, when you look back it will have moved much farther than you thought it would.

2) did swakhammer die

No, he’s just hibernating for the winter. What’s that? You were looking for results related to Cherie Priest’s books? That would be a spoiler, so I’m not telling you. Go buy the books and read them.

3) feline politics

They’re complicated and Machiavellian. My best advice is, don’t get involved unless you really have to, and then it’s best to do so from a distance behind a bunker composed of couch cushions while wielding a squirt bottle. Even then, you’ll have to sleep some time, so make sure your bedroom is secure from feline incursions. No matter how kind and snuggly your cat is, he’ll still smother you in your sleep for interfering with his play for the best sunbeam.

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