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Musket says dogs are carnivores.

We spent a hilarious 20 minutes the other night trying to feed Musket green beans. Our dogs love green beans, so when we had some for dinner I was of course handing them out to dogs. At first, Musket would only sniff at it, eyes wide with horror, while the other dogs jockeyed to get the green bean that he was manifestly not eating. Then, deciding it was terribly important to the people that he take this appalling object, he would curl his lips back and take the green bean with this front teeth with utmost delicacy before dropping it on the floor.

Eventually, after we kept trying to convince him to eat a green bean, he took one to his crate and buried it in his blanket. Further attempts to convince him that this was actually a tasty treat did convince him to actually bite into one, at which he looked even more horrified and immediately spat it out on the floor, where one of the other dogs promptly grabbed it.

It really was funny, because you could see his desire to be a Good Dog warring with his deep, deep horror of the innocent green bean. In the end, we stopped persecuting him with strange vegetables, lest he tell Christine that we abused him. I expect he’ll be more excited about his portion of Thanksgiving turkey. Still, Entertainment!Puppy continues to be entertaining. He really is a hell of a dog, and I keep thinking “if only I did not work so much…”

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  1. My GSD was raw fed and during the switch he would happily eat the veggie/ground meat/supplement slop in a bowl he was not convinced the bone-in cuts were actually food. I crated him to give him a chicken quarter and he did the lip curl barely holding it grip to take it from me. Not shockingly he dropped in almost immediately.

    As he stood there staring at it the cat wandered up. While Bubba was unsure about this item, he was very sure the cat wasn’t going to take it from him so he snatched it up off the ground and snarled at the cat. Mid-snarl we watched as the lightbulb lit that this thing he had bit into was tasty.

    Never had a problem after that. Well except for laughing ourselves silly for hte first week as he figured the best way to eat hunks of raw meat.

    1. They’re funny, aren’t they? My three hooligans will eat whatever is put in front of them and some things that aren’t, Musket is the first dog I’ve had in the house who was picky about his food!

      1. There are those that will tell you it’s because he’s a GSD. I know in our household the GSD was the only picky eater we’ve had. Well no, that’s not 100% true. We had a rescue collie who’d trained her owner to keep offering different things until she ate. Two weeks of getting offered nothing but kibble in a bowl for 20 min a feeding broke that habit :)

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