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Here is Musket, being Entertainment!Puppy briefly. It has to be brief because if you play hose with him for too long, he swallows dangerously large amounts of air and water. But, y’know, a brief game on a warm and sunny fall afternoon is pretty good stuff.

Water: runs!
Musket: I KEEL YOU! *snap*
Water: runs some more.
Musket: DIE! *SNAP*
Water: still running!

He really does love to play hose and was all kinds of disappointed when I declared the game over after 30 seconds because I didn’t want him to bloat. He is also deeply interested in pretty much everything humans are doing and would like to be involved, please. Oh and he is convinced that he is a lapdog, at least where Daniel is concerned, and is prone to heaving his front half into Daniel’s lap while clutching a slimy tennis ball in his mouth. He will attempt to hand you his slimy tennis ball repeatedly if you don’t appear to be busy, which would be more charming if it didn’t result in slime-trails on the legs of your pants as he rolls it enticingly across your leg.

On the plus side, he regards it as a pretty fun game if you take the ball, ask him to sit, and then hand it back while encouraging him to take it nicely from your hand. This doggy, he LOVES to work, even simple work. I almost feel like I should be having him do my Econ homework or something for me. I’m pretty sure that if he thought I’d throw the ball afterward, he would definitely work up the supply curve for an oligopolistic industry.

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