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There might be soap. Also, there was a reunion.

My apologies for the hiatus, gentle readers. We were plagued by rain, which takes down my primitive satellite internet connection. There are a lot of joys to living in the middle of nowhere, but “fast and reliable internet access” isn’t one of them.

Tuesday, however, was a monumental day! For one, I took my soap out of the molds and cut it, and now I am trying desperately to ignore its presence so that it can cure for six weeks or so. Behold!
Three paper plates sit on top of a cardboard box in the Closet of Wonders.  On top of each paper plate are four chunky square bars of what is possibly soap.  It is yellow and mostly sort of translucent except where it is a pale yellow opaque color.

I think it will function as soap when it’s done curing, so success!

And then Tuesday night I went down to the Fountain Bookstore in Richmond to see Cherie Priest do a reading and Q&A for her book Dreadnought, which was fantastic. Braxton Bragg is totally Cherie’s fault. She has also met and adored the Dobes, who adored her in return because she is like that. Alas, none of the Usual Suspects got to go with us, since I had no idea if the store was dog-friendly and Roo would have whined during the reading. Still, we had a happy reunion and a generally good time of things.

In other news, there were two eggs yesterday! Today there was only one egg. But still, that means we are at four edible eggs, two from each chicken, and so the cost of the eggs has dropped to $200 each. Oh and now that we are reasonably certain that the black chicken is an Australorp (I just like saying “Australorp”) which is an Australian variant of the trusty Orpington breed, the girls have names.

The Australorp is Matilda, as in Waltzing. The silver-laced Wyandotte is Lorena, after a Civil-War-era song popular amongst the soldiers, since the Wyandotte is a US breed that made its appearance right around the Civil War. We are looking at adding a Welsummer here shortly, and she will need a Dutch name. Suggestions gratefully accepted.

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