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Bwock. Bwock bwock.

Welcome to the Chicken Channel.

I was trying to hold off posting until I had pics, but I am too ridiculously excited. Yesterday we went down to Blackthorn Kennel to visit with Christine and the doggies and help her with her chicken pen, and we brought back our wedding present from her: one silver-laced Wyandotte hen and one hen that is either an Australorp or a black copper Marans. Chickens!

Now I am trying to come up with names for chickens. My chickens need ridiculously fancy names. Current contenders are Heloise, Melusine, Sheherazade, Salome, and Boadicea. Please feel free to suggest other ridiculously fancy potential chicken names in the comments, or to discuss the ones on offer.

We’ll be picking up another few hens (max 4) in the spring. I am thinking of sticking with a black-and-white theme and getting a silver-spangled Hamburg, a barred Plymouth Rock or a Dominique, and possibly an Appenzeller Spitzhauben. Also oh my god I want a silver-laced Polish SO BADLY. Is that not the most hilarious chicken you have ever laid eyes on? Anyway, we will probably end up breaking with the black and white theme to pick up an Easter Egger or two; they lay greeny-blue eggs. And if there’s room in the chicken run after selecting my Big Chickens then I will add a couple bantams just because they are tiny and perfect and look JUST LIKE big chickens.

I know, I’m easily amused.

But in the meantime, I have two chickens to name. Hopefully they will venture out of their house here shortly and I can get pics. They have water and chicken crumbles and also a couple apples and some cauliflower to pick at, plus of course a new run full of dead leaves to go through. We figure on raking their enclosure out as needed to keep it clean for them and adding the detritus to the compost heap before shoveling more dead leaves in for ’em. The oaks are dropping their leaves finally which means we have an ABSOLUTE SURFEIT of dead leaves. If you would like some, by all means show up with a truck and we’ll hook you up. Anyway, the chickens will nicely accelerate the composting process, as well as adding their poop to it, which will in turn be used on the garden to grow delicious vegetables, some of which will make their way to the chickens, and the circle of life goes on.

But enough with the maudlin philosophizing. Chicken names, y’all. Chicken names. I am kind of partial to Melusine, which reminds me of my beloved friend Mel, and also partial to Salome because it reminds me of my beloved friend Selma. But there is a certain temptation to “Sheherazade”. Hrm. Decisions, decisions. I could name one Josephine, for my mother?

8 thoughts on “Bwock. Bwock bwock.

  1. Oh, your chicken and turtle friends make me long for the day I may have a bigger yard, to house my (currently imaginary) chickens and bunnehs. But, for now, chicken names! I would like to submit: Bernadette, Gertrude, Maudeline (Maude for short), Malinda, Beatrice, and Patricia. Of course, they all need last names, such as: McFeatherson, McFeethers, Pickalittle (if they’re from far away, fancify the spelling, ie. Pikalittol), etc. etc.

  2. go play over yonder….

    I like Sophronia, Lucretia, Philomena, Octavia and Imogene for sure =)
    Sophronia Featherbottom, Lucretia Cluckymon, Philomena Frillybutt…

  3. What about Henrietta Picklightly? I know, I know, it’s been done before, but it sounds so fun! I also love Philomena Frillybutt. :) Mind you, I’d be humbled and honored to have a chicken named after me, however indirectly, (apparently Selma may be a derivative of Salome–who knew?!)but one of the possible meanings of the name Selma is “Fair”, so you’d be best served by waiting for a blonde chicken. :D

    P.S. Pet chickens lay the BEST eggs. Period. The yolk from a pet chicken egg is also wonderful in the Soup for Sick Kitties recipe.

  4. Yeay! What beauties! Yes, they are in need of fancy names.

    Have you seen these? Crazy:

    1. I think my eyes just bugged out. Also I think I will skip owning Showgirls, as they are too weird even for me! And I’d be worried about the naked neck in the winter.

      1. OK those are as bad as Skinny Pigs…
        FUNKY Chickens!!
        that caviary belongs to a friend of mine…

  5. Ok, Andrea, I believe any chicken named Salome needs to be a buff Orpington. If I were a chicken, I’m pretty sure that is what I’d look like.

    Oh my gosh, there are so MANY different types! Did you see the Silky Chickens?? There is apparently even a Cornish Chicken.

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