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I bet you’re tired of hearing about chickens.

And there are not yet any chickens actually HERE. This afternoon after I was done working we got the roof on the chicken run and the frame assembled for the door! Now we just need to mount the frame, somehow compensating for the 4″ gap my sucktastic measurements left, and then put wire on it and VOILA. A chicken-ready enclosure. Which is good, as we are planning to go down to Blackthorn Kennel this weekend to visit with Christine, help her with her own chicken pen, and claim our Wedding Chickens. Also we will take Zillekins for a Family Reunion and also because the only time she gets well and truly sleep-for-hours-in-exhaustion worn out is when she’s been running with the other Shedders down at Blackthorn.

In totally non-chicken-related news, my dear friend Cherie Priest is going to be in Richmond next Tuesday! So for once I am going to say “be damned to a responsible bedtime!” and after work me and the husband will roll on down to Richmond to Fountain Bookstore to say hi and listen to her do a reading and probably ask obnoxious questions during the Q&A, because what are friends for? And also I bet she has never heard the question “So, like, where do you get all your ideas?” before and SOMEONE needs to deliver this very important reader query. We might even get a chance for a silly picture. Cherie is the one who hooked me up with young master Braxton Bragg, and who has pimped innumerable Cats (and a Dog!) What Need Homes for me to her wider online readership, so if you would like to support an author on principle I highly recommend buying her books, secure in the knowledge that not only will you get a good read, but you are helping an angel to homeless kitties and dogs.

In me-related news (I know you’re not here to hear about me, Gentle Reader), the semester is winding to a hectic end at school and I am up to my eyebrows in work and schoolwork and chickenprep. I get a break from mid-December to mid-January, and then it’s back to the grind. But NEXT SEMESTER I have a class that basically consists of going to Civil War battlefields and writing up analyses of the battles and discussing them online. Yeah, that’s right, someone designed a history class JUST FOR ME. I am all a-flutter and it might even make up for the fact that I’m going to be taking a math class. I hate math. Numbers are boring. I think however I might still be on track to graduate after next summer with my Associate’s, at which point I will no longer have an excuse not to go get a bachelor’s degree. Aie.

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