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Busy fall is still busy.

The chicken run is nearly done. The house has straw in the nest boxes, the run just needs a roof and a door; we are hoping for chickens next weekend! Very exciting stuff. We’re also poking at chicken breeds since we intend to acquire a couple more chickens in the spring. I covet Araucanas, Americanas, or Easter Eggers, all of which carry the gene to lay greeny-blue eggs.

My soap-making supplies should be here next week, so another WOO! Possibly there will be time to try soap after chickenish business is done. Meanwhile I have a couple simple patterns to try and need to drag out my sewing machine and get to work on ’em.

In other news, the Porch Cam has spotted a small black and white kitten as of last night. We’re going to keep an eye on the camera and see if it’s coming up the same time every night or thereabouts, and if so then we’re going to make an attempt at trapping it, which may require staying up late as I don’t want to leave a small kitten in the trap overnight. On the other hand, I am slightly worried that we will catch a bunch of coons and possums before we ever get a kitten. Wish us luck!

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