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Cat Update: Emmaline!

When last we saw Emmaline, she was horrifyingly skinny from feeding four little chubby kittens and had just moved into the house, where she was psychotically attacking all the other quadrupeds. I am happy to say that these days she has decided she doesn’t have to kick everyone’s asses just for being in the house with her. She has never stopped being ridiculously purry with people, but Daniel is her favorite. She follows him around and talks to him until he picks her up and tickles her tummy and calls her Daddy’s Girl. It is ridiculously adorable.

Also, Emmaline doesn’t think Awesome Apple Pancakes are a healthy breakfast:
Emmaline, a grey tabby cat with much white on her tummy and a mostly white face, crouches on a Jamie Oliver cookbook that is open to Awesome Apple Pancakes.  She has a look of disapproving concern on her face.

One thought on “Cat Update: Emmaline!

  1. Someone looks a lot healthier! I am glad she is not attacking everyone anymore. GOOD EMMALINE.

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