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Kitten update: Badger!

At the bottom of the frame, a long-haired tabby cat with white socks is curled up against a bag. At the top of the frame, a short-haired grey tabby cat is sprawled, his head touching the other cat's butt.

Behold the Badgerman, next to his big brother Qiao! Badger’s person reports that he loves his big brother and follows him around imitating him just like a pesty younger brother should. Badger also likes to sleep on his person’s face, or if he can’t, as close to his person’s face as he can possibly get. He used to do that with me, too, so I have nothing but sympathy for waking up with a mouth full of Badger. Badger’s other older brother, Puff, who is apparently deeply odd, doesn’t mind having him around, either. And dang, Badger is big.

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