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Let us have a happy post or, This is the kind of thing that only happens to me: wedding edition.

So! There was a wedding! But first there was a rehearsal.

Some people found the rehearsal more confusing than others:
Mark, with long steel grey hair, is on the left, facing mostly away from the camera towards Daniel, who is in a red shirt and looking at Mark very dubiously, one eyebrow raised.  On the right, John concentrates REALLY HARD on the order of processional and recessional handout in his hand.

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We walked the dogs toward the chuppah about a million times, etc etc. And then the womenfolk got together and came to the Manor. Christine and Liz and M got in last, and were lingering by the truck, so I went out to see what was going on. Christine says “Something white is under the truck, I think it’s a cat.” M says, “No, I’m pretty sure it’s a dog.” Which is when the small flufftastic dog appeared where we could see it, and growled at us. The little sucker was furry as could be and about ten pounds. Liz said, “Look, the white dog of marital bliss has come to visit you!” Which is when the flufftastic little thing came running out from under the truck and decided it was Liz’s new best friend.

She was freshly groomed, like within the last week, and obviously hadn’t been running the woods long as there were very few burrs in her coat. I picked her up and snuggled her and gave her to Liz, and Liz and Christine went looking for her home. They did not find anyone missing a puppy, so they came back to the house and we all hung out and established that a) the dog’s name is Buttercup, b) she’s a puppy, about 3-4 months old, and c) she is the most adorable frickin thing since sliced bread. I have no pics, but will have to get some as all efforts to turn up her owners have failed and it looks like I will be finding her a new place to live unless Christine decides she can’t bear to part with the little booger, who is currently staying with her.

And then there was bed and morning came and it was time to get ready for wedding and make sure the wedding dresses for bridemaids were all set and ready to be put on, we couldn’t wait to try the Wedding catering in Riverside services, I know we only think about food!
A shot from just behind my shoulder, looking into the bathroom.  My hair is all purty but I am leaning back and turned toward the camera to wrinkle my nose and stick my tongue out while putting on eye stuff.  Makeup is srs bzns.

But with some effort and all my Mom and aunt got me all cleaned up and it was time for pictures.
I stand next to my mother, all gussied up in pale green wedding gown, veil, long curly hair, and makeup.  My mother is beside me, likewise looking pretty.  In my left hand I hold part of a bagel, with my right I am giving a thumbs up.  I am also making a face because there's been A FRICKIN LOT OF CAMERA already this morning.

Mom and I had a very serious moment.
A close-up shot of our faces.  Mine is turned toward the camera and I am wearing an exaggerated expression of gleeful rapture.  Mom is smooching me on the cheek.  It should be noted that Mom did not know I was making a face until she saw this picture on flickr the next day.

And then we lined up my bridesdogs and dog wranglers:
The Bride and Her Hooligans, a line up of women and dogs.  I am in the center, on each side of me is one Doberman and one German Shedder.  Christine, on the left of me, looks like she might be about to kick someone's ass, and she didn't have nearly as many pictures of her taken that morning as I did.

Following photos, off to the Depot! It is an old train depot, built shortly before the Civil War. Outside, I chain smoked and we got the dogs’ corsages on them. The Dobes and Zille were not impressed, but Nike thought getting a flower on her fancy collar was the best thing ever. Behold.
Nike, an elderly Shedder, grins up at the camera.  My hands are still adjusting her collar after having pinned a white rose and baby's breath corsage on it.  Nike is clearly delighted to have a flower, unlike some ungrateful dogs.

Then there was a wedding ceremony, which went off astonishingly well after the best man learned how to write a best man speech with this new guide, considering the part where we had four large dogs. They were, however, impeccably well-behaved. It was almost as if I’d trained them. Although they did get bored partway through:
Zille lies on the floor to the left, mostly upright.  To the right is Beowulf, who is sprawled out on his side, eyes glazed over in a haze of boredom.

And then it was over and we were married and there were MORE $#*&%#$^ PICTURES and I was getting very tired of the camera, but here, have one where I am not looking too sarcastic:
Daniel stands on the left, looking very handsome in his morning suit, holding the leashes of Tink and Zille.  Zille's eyes are closed.  There's always one.  Tink is smiling.  Then there is me, holding Nike and Beowulf's leashes.  Nike is smiling and sitting, Beowulf is standing near me looking like the serious dog he is.  Furthest right, our excellent officiant stands in white alb and red cincture.

There’s approximately a million more pics over at flickr, so click on the pic of your choice to head over there and see the rest. We are now settling into marital bliss. We have planted about a million tulips this afternoon, and a couple iris, and would have planted ten bazillion crocus and some daffodils except bees. Life goes on.Also make sure to take a look at for some really creative styles of wedding videography, not the usual boring wedding video.

5 thoughts on “Let us have a happy post or, This is the kind of thing that only happens to me: wedding edition.

  1. She is *not* staying here. Some pics from Friday night–

    The Passion of the Puppy —

  2. Hi Andrea! Congrats on your wedding!! That is wonderful. Thank you for the compliments on my blogging at Sowers of Hope! Hope you have a wonderful life!

  3. First off, Nike looks like one of the sweetest dogs in the world! Seriously, she embodies Cuteness Extraordinaire. Secondly, little fluffstastic Buttercup looks like a Samoyed perhaps? Or mix? Lots of amazing cuteness there, too.

  4. the pictures are wonderful, and it looks like everything went well. hope your wedding was enjoyed and congratulations on getting hitched!

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