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Earth, receive an honored guest.

Briar Rose is dead, hit by a car on her way to the Manor last night. I don’t know what will happen to her kittens, she never brought them to me. I have a doctor’s appointment this morning, and afterward we will bury her on the back acre.

9 thoughts on “Earth, receive an honored guest.

  1. I am so sorry, Andrea. :(

  2. I’m sorry. :-( I hope her kittens will be okay.

  3. Well, damn. I am sorry, darling.

  4. :( Poor kitty.

  5. Oh no. Damn it. Poor little girl. Tears. :(

  6. Hoping she finds more gushy foods than she can eat, a comfy bed, and a warm sunbeam on the other side o’ the bridge. Just wish she could have found it all here on this side. :(

  7. I’m sorry.

    Thank you for showing her kindness on this earth.

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