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Proof of Life

Gentle readers who have been here a few months may recall that Emmaline had four kittens. I managed to trap three, the fourth, Dreadnought, eluded me and when he stopped even hanging around Emmaline I went ahead and brought her in, afraid all the while that I had doomed Dreadnought to a slow death by starvation, or a quick and terrifying one by predator, or a slow and agonizing one tangling with one of the other adult cats. I’ve been pretty sure I’ve seen him a couple times since then, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I had definitive proof: the wildlife camera caught young Dreadnought coming up for a night-time snack. I was so delighted to see him there! And here, dear gentle readers, are the pictures for proof: two nights in a row the camera has caught Dreadnought snacking.

A grainy black and white infrared picture of the porch and feeding station.  Sneaking up behind the legs of the rocking chair is a small tabby and white cat, looking up towards the window where dogs are doubtless pitching a fit.  The time-date stamp reads 09-27-10 09:38:25PM.

Mostly hidden behind the waterer that isn't used because it's more trouble than it's worth, Dreadnought looks toward the camera.  Timestamp 09-27-10 09:39:49PM

Sitting under the rocking chair with body in profile to the camera, Dreadnought looks toward the end of the porch, over the camera's left shoulder as it were.  Timestamp 09-28-10 08:23:32PM

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