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Lazy blogging, ahoy!

So we’ve already established that I am a lazy blogger, prone to throwing pictures up and calling it a post. I’m here to warn you, gentle reader, that I am about to achieve new heights of lazy blogging. Previously, I usually had to actually take the picture and then re-size it and perhaps fix the exposure or whatever in photoshop, and then post it and type up the post to go with it.

I haven’t yet managed to eliminate all these steps, but today we brought home a Wildgame Innovations 5MP Game Scouting Infrared Camera. We plan on mounting it on the porch, pointed at the Manor Cats feeding station, where it will take pictures day and night. Then every so often I can go pull the little memory card out (the 2GB card holds some 2800 pics or a bunch of video, did I mention it will do video?) and dump them onto my computer desk, where they can be sorted and queued up. Finally, we can get a definitive count of cats who come up to eat, as well as spotting any non-feline visitors like possums, raccoons, dogs, squirrels, and birds who might come up. Although to be honest while I had quite a few birds in the beginning, they’ve pretty much given up on stealing the cat food since the girlcats have moved onto the porch on a permanent basis. The squirrels have been scarce, too, but then they’ve been scarce in general this year.

So anyway, I have removed the step where first I have to take the pics, woo hoo! The camera looks like it will be a fun toy and I’m kind of interested to see who sneaks up to eat on the porch when no one is looking. It will take pics day and night, rain or shine, so there will be plenty of opportunity for it to spot visitors.

Meanwhile, we actually got some rain yesterday! It wasn’t enough to relieve the drought conditions we’ve got going, but damn, this part of the world needed it badly. There’s hopefully going to be more rain today, fingers crossed. I haven’t mentioned to Daniel that this may mean that he has to mow the lawn a couple times this year, though he may get lucky and the grass may be so traumatized by the recent heat and lack of moisture that it’s afraid to grow at all.

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  1. I cannot wait to see these pictures.

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