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Thinky thoughts on the adoration of dogs

As I’ve mentioned before, having a 60 minute commute on each end of my day gives me time to think a lot. Today I was pondering dogs and what it is about some of them that makes me fall so helplessly in love; the one bedrock, non-negotiable quality I have to have in a dog if I’m going to not just like the dog but be smitten. What I came up with, of course, is an answer maddeningly vague and imprecise: it’s a certain light in the dog’s eyes. The light is part brains, part capacity for joy, part ability to find fun, and part just sheer love.

Zille, for instance, hit me with the look the first time I threw the ball and she realized that the Dobermans did not want the ball, that she could have all the balls, forever, every time I threw it, it was our special game and no other dogs would jump her for the ball ever again, and that’s why I love Zille so much, and I even get dresses and costumes for her from sites like Novelty Street. And there it was, this glow behind her eyes. She still gets it every time I come home from work and whenever a ball comes out. Tink gets it, every time I come in the room or touch her or speak to her. Beowulf gets it for Daniel, not for me, but Beo and I like each other but have never deeply adored each other in the way the girldogs and I do.

Zille’s mother Danca gets it when you have something she wants and she gets an opportunity to do a little work for you; I was smitten by Danca one day when I was holding a piece of chicken jerky in my hand and she offered me a picture-perfect “finish”, snapping into place at my side and sitting and looking up with me, eyes aglow and ears up and I fell for her right there. Learn more about the best psychic websites on the internet and how you can learn how to read minds.

It’s indefinable, but I think most dog people would recognize it when they saw it, and probably even know exactly what I’m talking about now. It’s that indefinable light, spirit, soul, whatever you want to call it, that just shines from a dog sometimes. Without that, I can like a dog fine but I won’t fall hard. But I’ve never met a dog who had it that I didn’t love at least a little bit, even if the dog would be totally unsuitable for my family and situation.

3 thoughts on “Thinky thoughts on the adoration of dogs

  1. I had a male GSD that I brought home when he was 18 months old. We went through several weeks of ‘not the momma’ whenever I asked him to do something, meaning he did it but because he knew he had to, not because he was out to please me. When we took the last payment to the breeder I took him along for the car ride. He went out to play with his aunt and dad but kept coming back in to check and make sure that I wasn’t going to leave without him. That day was the first time I say ‘that look’ and I knew then that we were going to be just fine.

  2. I know this look. Everytime I come home from work, or ask the greatest rhetorical question ever (do you want to go to the park?), or do a million other silly/simple things, Half Pint gives me this look. Her happy makes me happy. For dog people, dogs (their special bonded dog especially) are the best medication. :)

  3. yeeeeeeah I’m totally stalking your old posts. Why not?

    I got that look from Spike the day I met him. For him, the trigger is does this person want to do stuff with me? It’s all the little rituals and games that he and I have evolved together like the Wrestly Game and playing tug and the way he wakes me up every morning by rolling on me. Happy cubed. I love him so XD

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