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Dry fall

We’re having a drought here at the moment, the rivers are low and the clay ground is rock-hard and burned to paleness. Jeremiah Swakhammer’s pen needs regular watering to keep him damp and his plants alive. Nonetheless, we picked up a garden claw thing today and I believe if Daniel gets bored enough he plans to start prepping ground for a garden next spring. We also bought some bulbs today while we were out, to add some color to the front yard. Possibly to make things look nice we should also invest in some mulch. And maybe some more hastas next year, who knows!

I’ve kept trying to force Roo to write my posts for me, but the little bugger refuses to be useful. All he came up with this time was “ikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikik” and I shall leave the meaning of this cryptic utterance as an exercise for the gentle reader.

Saturday we went to Yankees in Falmouth, the only Union-centric Civil War event in the area. There is probably nothing more hilarious than taking your British fiance to such a weirdly US-specific event. This weekend, we’re going down by Richmond for the Virginia State Fair, another quintessentially USian event I feel he needs to experience to get the most from living here. I also put A Christmas Story in our Netflix queue, having discovered that it never jumped the pond. Advice on other Quintessential US Events and Experiences that he needs to have are gratefully accepted!

But for now, it’s time to upset Roo by kicking him out of my lap so we can make the bed. My life is so exciting.

3 thoughts on “Dry fall

  1. I suggest you and Daniel come to Omaha, NE for the College World Series in June. Yes, I know, “World Series” is a bit of a stretch, since a US college somehow always wins, but it is a classic US Event that everyone should attend at least once!

  2. Roo is trying to tell you to buy some shruberies for the yard as well.

  3. A Wonderful Life
    Miracle on 34th Street
    A high school football game
    If there is pumpkin chucking at the state fair, that would be great.

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