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Pack integration

It’s always interesting bringing a new member into the pack, whether that member is four-footed or not. Right now, of course, we are having an exciting fun time integrating Daniel, which is perhaps best exemplified by the Inside Puppies problem.

“Inside puppies!” is the phrase I use to get dogs in the house. When I chirp it expectantly out in the yard, all the dogs head in with a swiftness. But now there’s a new human in town.

When Daniel declares “Inside puppies!” the Dobes obediently go to the door. Zille, on the other hand, says “Screw you, thumb monkey! I don’t have to listen to you!” Well, no. Zille would not use such language, as she is a gentledog of impeccable breeding. But she is refusing, currently, to return to the house in a timely fashion for my soon-to-be spouse.

I will admit, I find this vaguely hilarious. She does it to my mother, too. I have offered Daniel various dog training suggestions, but ultimately this is going to be his first training challenge: get Zille in the house. She’s convinced if she can just stay outside long enough, you will start playing fetch with her again. It took me weeks of laboriously walking her down and occasionally grabbing her by the collar and dragging her into the house before she would reliably go inside on demand for me.

I’m betting I get more plaintive e-mails about her recalcitrance in the next few weeks. But she’ll learn.

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  1. I BET IT’S THE (sexy sexy) ACCENT!

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