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I guess I know who loves me…

So Daniel and I were curled up on the futon watching Land of the Dead yesterday afternoon, as it was Zombie Sunday, on which we watch zombie moves. LotD has a few moments in it that reliably make me scream. The Dobes were on the futon with us, Zille was in various spots throughout the film, but every time I screamed, the Dobes jumped up and left the room with an air of “Oh god. There is nothing Dangerous here, and yet she is being loud. WTF.” whereas sweet Zillekins headed straight for me every time, all “OMG MOM ARE YOU ALL RIGHT!?” and asking for reassurance. What a good girl.

In other happy news, we saw Dreadnought Saturday! I have been worried to death about him since bringing Emmaline in, but it was definitely him, playing in the grass across the road. I am so thrilled he’s all right and have not lost hope in terms of catching him and neutering him, at least.

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