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Special Bonus Post: KITTENS!

These are not my kittens, mind you. But I cannot tell you how important it is to get the word out! Not one of the three boys I just placed went to someone who was reading here at the time. The shortest link was one person between me and a kitten home; the longest I can verify was three freakin people. Only one of them knew me, the other two just knew that kittens needed homes. Three people between Badger and his forever home, and what if any one of them had neglected to pass on the link? I’d have five cats, that’s what.

Here you go. Four formerly feral felines, in northern California. The foster home says “I’m willing to deliver the kittens to a new home anywhere in the Bay Area as well as much of Northern California and parts of the Central Valley. Please link, share, repost.”

So maybe you’re nowhere near the kittens, but if you can get the word out, then please do. You might be the one person between a kitten and a new home.

2 thoughts on “Special Bonus Post: KITTENS!

  1. thank you SO much. All three of my pets are feral rescues. I adopted the last one last year when I thought I was “done” with TNRing, and never thought I’d foster.

    1. You’re welcome! I know the weird joy and despair of feral babies, and the feeling that maybe you’re going to have a million cats because NO ONE WANTS THEM. Fingers crossed we can get your little guys homes!

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