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Life: Still Crazy Busy

I feel bad for neglecting you, gentle readers, so I’m about to queue up a selection of cat pictures for your delectation. Daniel gets here Friday (OMG!) so this should take us through to Monday.

We shall start off with Braxton Bragg being an elegant and inky black pile of plushy darkness…against the grubbiest wall in the house, next to a pile of dog hair. What can I say, detail-oriented cleaning is not really part of my repertoire, that’s why I always call Atlanta carpet cleaning. Yet there was something so irresistible about his relaxed sprawled pose, with his head angled gorgeously upward and his eyes catching the light, that I felt I had to reveal my horrible housekeeping, just so I could share his gorgeousness.

Braxton Reclines.

Also, a very happy birthday today to the Best Mother Ever, parental unit extraordinaire!

One thought on “Life: Still Crazy Busy

  1. My word, Braxton really REALLY looks like Neo! A LOT. Braxton has more orangey-gold eyes, but boy…the expression! The real tell–does Braxon walk like a raccoon? Neo does–hence one of his nicknames, “the Blackcoon”. Happy Birthdy to your BME!

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