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Life is very busy.

The Best Mother Ever is here, drastic house stuff is going on that includes unpacking boxes that have been packed for years (on the plus side, I found Tink’s wardrobe!) and the resurfacing of the bathroom floor to repair Emmaline’s depredations, we are also installing full range of warmup products that we picked from Thus the lack of posting, as I try to juggle work, school, and drastic house stuff!

So instead of a substantive post, here. Have Zille in Beowulf’s crate, wearing a foodbowl for a hat while she snuggles Rooney Lee.
Silly Zille, a sable Shedder, lies flat on her side in Beowulf's ginormous crate.  She is wearing his foodbowl like a top hat.  Roo is cuddle up against her neck and chest, laying over one of her forelegs to hold her down.  You thought I was kidding about the hat thing, didn't you.

One thought on “Life is very busy.

  1. If I can find Kare’s stash of “Busy Beans”, I’ll definitely share them, Andrea. That way, you’ll have a BOUNDLESS supply of energy, instantaneously. It’ll help you fly through your busy days! :)

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