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Feline Politics

Who wants an update on the adult manor cats? I really need to get pics of them but it is difficult. Previously I had thought Grace and Briar Rose, the two calicos, were afraid of me, but since Emmaline has moved inside, Grace and Briar Rose have both been up to solicit attention as well as get the gooshyfuds. Seeing how aggressive Emmaline is toward other cats, I have to wonder if they weren’t actually afraid of Emms.

Efforts to integrate Emmaline into the house are still going very poorly. She just will not share food or even food spots with other cats but instead charges them and starts swinging. I have also tried and tried to get new pics of her, but it’s difficult to do because she is so full of love for people that you can’t get far enough away to get a shot. While her sons may have gotten their coats and colors from their fathers, they clearly got their loveable and loving natures (and also the auto-purr on petting) from their mother.

Meanwhile, I still haven’t confirmed Briar Rose is nursing; she’s not quite friendly enough to let me get a look at her tummy. Grace definitely is, and Noodlehead definitely is not. We’ll see if Grace brings her kittens to me when she’s ready to get rid of them, and if I can work my deferalification magic on this batch, too. Fingers crossed!

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