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Monday Morning Cute

Feast your eyes, gentle reader, on this pic of Zeke (the artist formerly known as Intrepid) that his new Dad sent me. He’s living the good life down by the coast with J and T, and in this picture he has cuddled up to T’s shin for a nap. She has significant mobility impairments, and I understand from J that young Master Zeke has figured out that while he may attack the male-person, with the female-person he must be loving and gentle, and has mostly mastered the art. He also takes great delight in touching noses with T to check in and make sure she has noticed him lately.

Just look at that happy little kitten face, y’all. The magic of the interwebs really came through for this little guy.A long-haired tabby kitten with adorable white nose, toes, and tummy, snuggles up to the sheet-covered leg of his person.

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Cute

  1. YAYYYYY GO ZEKE GO. This is awesome.

  2. Chalk another one up for “Some things are just meant to be”! :)

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