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I aten’t dead yet.

Sorry for the hiatus there, gentle readers, life intervened as it has a way of doing. And really, the Usual Suspects have been shockingly well-behaved, which limits the amount of stuff I have to tell you about. Let’s face it, “Nobody ate anything inappropriate, woke me up at an ungodly hour, or otherwise misbehaved” doesn’t really make for scintillating posting!

Well, Tink did try to steal my bed a couple nights ago, and refuses to sleep nicely in the bed without her own blanket and pillow, but this is par for the course and not actually unusual.

Mostly the Best Mother Ever and I have been up to wedding stuff, like finally getting invitations sorted out so they can go out next week, and renting a venue that allows dogs so that my best buddies who appreciate going out in public can be there for the ceremony, and deciding on a reception menu (traditional southern barbecue fare, if you’re interested) and otherwise getting all that together. Which is not really all that interesting to anyone but those of us directly involved, I suspect. I have very few options when it comes to grilling outdoors becuse of dehydrators made for jerky that trauma killed my dreams of doing it as quickly as it killed my basil.

Noodlehead has yet to give birth and continues to look like she swallowed a cantaloupe, whole, while Grace and Briar Rose have definitely had kittens and Grace is definitely feeding them. Briar Rose is a little too shy yet to let me feel up her nipples and see if the fur around them is all stuck down with kitten spit, so I don’t have confirmation on her as of right now.

Oh. We did pick up shampoo for Roo, who needs a bath. You see, some Cornish Rex produce enough coat oils for a full coat, even though they don’t have one, and occasionally require a little help removing it or they get slightly gross. Roo, bless his heart, falls into this camp, and so soon here he will be wrestled into the bath tub and scrubbed down. He’s thrilled about the very prospect, as you can imagine, and so am I.

Hope you’re all doing well, gentle readers, and I promise to get back to blogging more regularly!

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  1. Actually, wedding planning often makes for great stories if you have a bunch of Divas as are attendents. I can’t imagine any of your friends being Diva’s though, except for Tink. :)

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