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Life returns to normal.

All I could think of, while juggling kittens and Emmaline and the Usual Suspects, was what a relief it would be when the little guys got out of the house and I could go back to peacefully sleeping with Roo and Tink in my bed. What I forgot was that Tink steals my spot and Roo has now lost the knack of sleeping through the night, so I’m having trouble getting a good night’s sleep. Sigh.

In other news, my friend Roz has a dogblog! And you should stick it in your feed reader, or periodically check in on it. She is a much more dedicated dog trainer than I am, with the result of much more polite dogs. Also you should glance at the links on the right side of her page and click over to her Flickr account, because she’s a talented photographer as well as being an excellent dog trainer.

True story, I once kept her dog Dexter for six weeks while she and her husband found housing that took pets, and despite my best efforts I did not manage to untrain him to ask before getting on the furniture. That’s how good she is.

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