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Three…two…one…and then there were none.

All three of my tiny terrorist cells have been embedded now. The bedroom feels pretty empty since I don’t get purrbombed as soon as I walk in the door! It was a little sad for me to part with the little fuzzballs, but on the other hand they are in three excellent homes and I’ve met some fantastic people through this project, from the people spreading the word about kittens to the people who were so generous and donated or bought a scarf to help pay for vet care for kittens, to the people who cheered me on and listened to me whine and flail and complain about kittens. If you ever have doubts about the human race, think of this: there’s three kittens in three loving homes because a bunch of strangers on the internet rallied around them.

None of the people who took in kittens heard about kittens directly from me; one heard from Cherie Priest[1], one heard from a friend who reads Ginmar on Livejournal, and one heard about them on Facebook. Getting the word out is the hardest part, really, so if you run across a plea for a pet who needs help and “all” you can do is get the word out, NEVER think that’s a small thing!

And then there were the people who donated money for their vet care; I don’t want to list names because I don’t have permission from everyone and I’m afraid I’d leave someone out, but you were all so incredibly generous. I seriously had a cry a couple times because people sent what they could to my kittens, and I am so deeply, deeply, incredibly grateful to you all. You are fabulous.

I’m even more afraid of leaving out someone if I start mentioning my support system who listened to me when I was discouraged and propped me up and kept me trying to trap kittens and find homes for kittens. You guys got me through.

All together, the word-passers, and the donators, and the listeners-to-whining, you group of people who have never met each other have done such an incredible and miraculous thing: at the height of kitten season, you guys got my three little boys into perfect homes. I wish I could hug you all.

Meanwhile, back at the Manor, life is settling into what passes for normal. Tonight I can go to sleep with Tink and Roo again; the Best Mother Ever will have everyone else sleeping with her. Lucky Mom! Daniel gets here in less than a month and I still need to clean a bunch of stuff out of his room, in less than two months we’ll be getting married so there’s the wedding to plan. And right around the time the wedding happens, Grace’s kittens will be coming up to get trapped.

I plan on handing kittens out as wedding favors. There’s no way that could possibly go horribly wrong, right?

I JEST. But the thought is tempting.

[1] If you want to show Cherie some love, she is an author! If you like excitement, adventure, and usually some zombies (and if not zombies, explosions, although sometimes there are zombies AND explosions), along with strong female protagonists who are not Too Stupid To Live, well, click on over to her website there and maybe buy a book, k?

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