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First tiny terrorist successfully embedded.

Zeke (Intrepid) went off to his new people today. He was a jewel in the carrier on the way, purring and sleeping and generally being laid-back. I’ve gotten an update from his new people already, and within a couple hours he was ready to explore, claim his new digs, and demand worship from the thumb monkeys with whom he finds himself.

My little kittenboy done good. His whiskery, charming face has snagged him a most excellent home with kind people who understand that sometimes kittens just have to climb your leg if you don’t pet them fast enough. And I didn’t even cry when I left him there, so go me. I’m just kind of kicking myself for not having gotten a pic of him with his new monkey slavespeople.

Tomorrow, his brothers go out to opposite points of the compass. My bedroom will be all mine again, but I can’t help thinking it will feel a little empty. Then again, Grace is definitely nursing, so…

One thought on “First tiny terrorist successfully embedded.

  1. Whoot for kitty escape! We just picked two up from a no-kill shelter (arascoloradodotorg) and they’re already comfortably romping around my bedroom while the rest of the house gets kitten-proofed – as much as kittenproofing ca be done.
    I look forward to struggling valiantly to sleep while my beard is made into a toy at 6am, amongst other notes of chaos.

    At least you’re down to a reasonable number of feline companions for the now. But if someone is nursing, well, yo might want to keep those kitty-traps warm…

    And congrats on the pending nuptials!

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