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Well that’s a relief.

News the first: Daniel’s visa has been approved! Excitement abounds in these parts, and we’re setting an actual wedding date and working out his plane ticket and everything.

News the second: Emmett (Astute) and Zeke (Intrepid) came through neutering just fine, and in fact appear to have not noticed they had surgery. Ah, the boundless powers of recovery of kittens! They go home this weekend, starting with Zeke on Saturday and then Badger on Sunday morning and Emmett, last kitten standing, on Sunday afternoon, which means this evening I need to do one more photo shoot.

They’re such amazing little guys, really. Emmett of course has been a non-stop purrbot from day one, but Zeke and Badger have gone from being little balls of hissy hate for all things human to enthusiastically curious and friendly and adorable kittens. Although they are looking much less kitteny already, these days they look more like little miniature cats. And while I can’t wait for life to return to semi-normal here, I’m going to miss the little buggers. Emmett is the very image of his mama Emmaline, only with the coloring of Romeo (with added tabby stripes–will he grow out of them? I don’t know.), right down to the adorable wee back-curved ears that look a little like devil horns. Badger is a small pile of stripey, fluffy, snuggly goodness, with the most amazing long eyelashes and of course adorable white toes in front. Zeke is just more of a handsome bastard every day, his straight profile and larger ears very reminiscent of the build of an “Oriental” body-type breed like the Siamese or the Cornish Rex, but covered in a soft, long coat that features Bengal-type stripes and spots.

I’m hoping their new owners keep me posted as they grow into adult cats, and I get to see them become huge and indolent beasts who take over their new households with rampaging demands for love and playtime.

News the third: the Best Mother Ever will be here today, hooray! Because now that we know when Daniel will be arriving, we can do actual wedding stuff.

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