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One is the loneliest number…

With Emmett and Zeke (Astute and Intrepid) at the vet last night, I thought I should sleep with Badger to keep him from being too lonely, given that he was distress calling and all.

Never again, gentle reader. Who would have thought that one little kitten was much more difficult to sleep with than three? But he was. He snuggled me ferociously, kneading with tiny kittenpaws (and claws), he tried to get me to play with him, he meeped at me if petting and interaction was not forthcoming. I finally fell into a fitful sleep around 2130 and then got woken up at midnight for round two, at which point I moved out to the futon in the living room where the adults welcomed me with peaceful snuggling. There is something to be said for being cuddled by a total of 200 pounds of dog and 8 pounds of cat.

In other news, are you in the midwest? Do you need a dog? Allow me to introduce you to Grace! She is a sweetheart being fostered with some people I know in Kansas, and she is looking for her forever people. Her ideal home would have no small animals in it, as she has some prey drive going on, but she lovesloveslooooooves people and would like nothing better than some people who want to pet her and let her stay near them all the time. Check her out, hey? And pass the word along if you have a midwestern friend looking for a sweet girl to hang out with.

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