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Fundraising for Manor Cats

I have tried really hard for it not to come to this, because I don’t think it’s really fair to ask other people to fund my lifestyle as a crazy cat lady. But I’ve got four foster cats at the moment and three heavily pregnant girls outside, and there is just not enough money in my personal account to do everything that needs to be done for everyone, specially since I really need to get pet insurance for cats while they stay with me.

So below the cut are ninethree silk scarves, two with imperfections. Leave a comment to say which one you’re claiming, and I’ll get in touch so we can do the financials, or if you’d like to use Paypal you can click over to the Manor Cats page and send the money that way AFTER YOU COMMENT TO CLAIM YOUR SCARF. I do not wish to sell any scarves twice! I’ve listed a minimum price for each. The scarves come from a house that contains one smoker, seven cats, and three dogs. While I will wash them immediately before packing them up to go out, if you are allergic to smoke, cats, or dogs, PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS. Also the washing, drying, and folding means that they will go out to you substantially less wrinkled than they are in the pics. I have both Eucalan in regular and lavender scents, and a scent-free detergent, so please specify what you’d like me to use to clean your scarf before it goes out!

If you don’t wish to buy, but do wish to help, there is a button here on the Manor Cats page.

#4: 22″ x 90″ 12mm silk satin, hand-dyed with sandalwood and a pinch of iron oxide. A nice medium-weight silk satin, very shiny on one side, in a warm peach color. Have you always wanted a classic Dr. Who scarf but weren’t big on stripes or wool? Here you go! $30
22 x 90 12mm silk satin scarf dyed with sandalwood

#5: 8″ x 54″ 16mm stonewash Crepe de Chine hand-dyed with a custom-mixed acid dye. A moderate weight, opaque silk, with a sort of ghostly shine to it. $15
8 x 54 16mm stonewash crepe de chine dyed with hand-mix acid dye

#8: 30″ x 30″ 8mm habotai silk scarf hand-dyed with cochineal. A very lightweight silk, almost translucent, somewhere between sparkly and shiny. $30
30 x 30 8mm silk scarf dyed with cochineal

11 thoughts on “Fundraising for Manor Cats

  1. #2 is MINE! No one else gets to have it. Just me.

  2. I would like #1!

    Can you tell me how much it would be for shipping to Canada and I will then paypal you the funds?

  3. #6 is beautiful! I would like to purchase it.

    (44? x 44? 12mm silk satin, hand-dyed with acid dye in periwinkle. $17)

    Thanks, and please skritch the kitties and doggies for me.

  4. I would like #3, please! E-mail and let me know how you want to do this. (You already know I’m good for the money AND where I live!)

  5. OK OK, I can’t resist. #9 for me, please! Wash it in lavender. Mmmmm….

    1. Yes ma’am, you got it!

      1. Can I pay for it with the button on the Manor Cats page? Or would you prefer something else?

        1. The button would be just great if that’s easy for you, too.

  6. Andrea- I need #7. It’ll look great with some of my sweater sets!

  7. […] (Intrepid) go in to get neutered this week, the scarf sale topped off funds enough for it! Yay! There’s still three left if you feel the urge to own one! I drop them off Tuesday night, they get snipped on Wednesday, and I pick them up on Thursday, […]

  8. I might be interested in #5 for my mom–is it an aqua-turquoise or more of a blue?


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