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Air Zille!

The Best Mother Ever is still here, so I got a chance to try and get fun fetchy pics by making her throw the fetchy squirrel-thing for Zille. Alas, most did not come out well because of the poor lighting conditions in the evening, but I did get one striking one!

A full body shot of Zille, a sable German Shedder.  She is nearly upright, having leapt into the air to catch the orange and blue fetchy toy which is clenched in her mighty jaws.  She is catching some serious air, as well as the fetchy toy!

Today, the Best Mother Ever and I are heading down to visit my friend C at Blackthorn Kennel. We will snorgle puppies, I will help out with chicken habitat, and hopefully I will wind up with a tired Shedder!

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