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Ah, summer.

Apologies for the hiatus, which actually occurred not because my life is insane right now (it is, but not more so than it has been) but because of some very ill-timed thunderstorms which took down my primitive satellite internet connection here at the Manor, I also had an air duct cleaning company coming to my house, so I got pretty busy with them.

Life has otherwise continued apace. Emmaline’s new, more comfy abode is set up (it’s one of these cages) and in Roo’s room, where she can keep him company during the day while not trying to commit felinicide over the food. I hate to keep her locked up but this at least should be better for her than the dog crate, and certainly Zille will be happy to get her crate back. I am hoping this solves some of the problems while I get her fed up to a decent weight and also used to the notion that the food always comes back. I may however be forced to rehome her, or forced to admit she was happier as an outdoor cat. I’d prefer the former to the latter, she is SO incredibly sweet with people. It’s easy to see where her sons got their good nature, you pick her up and she goes limp and starts purring. Possibly there is someone out there who doesn’t want to deal with a kitten but would be good to my sweet Emmaline.

Speaking of Emmaline’s sons, the little goobers are currently charming the Best Mother Ever. It’s a good thing they all have homes lined up because otherwise I think she’d be smuggling a kitten home. The Best Mother Ever is here to fit The Dress and also lend moral support as I was feeling somewhat frazzled. Just today she made 72 cupcakes so we could taste test three different varieties for the wedding. If that isn’t moral support, I don’t know what is.

In dog news, Zille has graduated to collarless living! To qualify for going naked, a dog must know to move out of a person’s way when they say “Excuse me” and also know to get off furniture when asked to “off”. Fabric dining chairs, while are comfortable, they are harder to clean. checkout lafurniturestore. Zille is kind of resistant to the furniture thing but she’s no worse than the Dobermans are, so what the hell. Congratulations, Miss Zille!

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