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Who wants a kitten update?

It’s weird, but now that the Three Musketeers have homes lined up, I am allowing myself to be much more fond of them. I guess it’s OK to adore kittens who are in no danger of becoming permanent residents.

Badger is snuffly and snotty at the moment, but is also still playing, eating, drinking, pooping, and peeing (in that order) so instead of rushing him to the vet Friday I’ve kept the humidifier on in the bedroom for him and he has an appointment Monday. Astute and Zeke (formerly Intrepid) go in to get neutered on Tuesday provided THEY haven’t come down with the sniffles. Fingers crossed!

Speaking of fingers crossed, Astute’s prospective new person is coming to do meet-and-greet this afternoon! So let us count on him to be his usual adorable purry charming self, only with less biting people in an exploratory fashion.

But what you REALLY want is pictures, right? Right.
Astute is really enamored of the bed:
Astute, a little grey and white shorthair kitten, stands on a pile of comforter on the bed, contemplating whether or not he can get away with attacking the camera strap.

Zeke is going to grow up to be so heart-breakingly handsome, just look at him!
Zeke, a long-haired tabby and white kitten whose white markings are very striking, but not as striking as his eyes, gazes dreamily at the camera.

Badger is… Dammit, Badger, put your tongue back in.
Badger, a long-haired mostly tabby kitten with a white bib under his chin, gazes just off the camera and licks his nose, ruining a lovely picture.

That’s better. Badger is adorable is what he is, having gone from McHissypants The Second to a kitten who meeps insistently at me if I’m petting someone other than him.
Badger sits, his stripey body in profile but his face turned toward the camera, gazing in wide-eyed kitteny innocence at the photographer.  Do not be fooled, he's up to something.

I tried to get a pic of all three kittens together, but I clearly need kitten-wrangling help and this was the best I could do:
The Three Musketeers!  The photographer is standing and the kittens are viewed from above.  Zeke and Badger walk towards the photographer, Astute is facing the opposite direction and is contemplating climbing the door.  There's always one.

3 thoughts on “Who wants a kitten update?

  1. Oh, the cuteness! Makes me want a kitten. But not right now; we need to move into a bigger place, first.

    1. My recommendation is a place that’s not too big to kitten-proof. ;) But the little buggers are adorable!

  2. …Badger looks rather terrifyingly like a young Skeezix. You better watch him. Skeez was all sweetness and innocence too….until the night he lay in wait for my father in the hall, sprang upon him and attempted a violent disembowlment.

    …I think my dad still has scars.

    on the other hand, Skeez has turned into the PERFECT cat for cat-breaking cattle dogs, so, who knew!

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