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More weird googled phrases.

Things people have searched for that have lead to my blog:
“dog wearing blue hat”
Lucky you, anonymous Googler! You’ve come to exactly the right blog for a picture of a dog wearing a blue hat.

“meaning of finding a turtle in the road”
It means you’re about to have to stop your car and move a turtle out of the road. Turtles sometimes get more active just ahead of and during the time when a low pressure front moves through an area, but generally when we’re getting good turtle weather they’re just wandering around. You’re more apt to find them late in the morning, when things have warmed up enough to get them going but the roads are not yet really hot.

In other news, I slept locked in the bedroom with kittens last night, and they actually let me sleep! Zeke (formerly Intrepid) was first to come up on the bed and snuggle and purr, followed by Astute, with mellow little Badger bringing up the rear. Bless their fuzzy hearts, they all found a nook to curl up in against my body and with their little motors turned up to 11 they sent me off to sleep. Sometimes I do actually like the little guys.

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