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I thought of several titles for this…

…but all of them would have gotten me a bunch of google hits I did not want.

I was having horrifying muscle spasms in my back and shoulders last night, so I tried to take a nice relaxing bath. Tried.

First the Three Musketeers sat on the edge of the tub and stared at me. Then they batted at the water. Then Astute and Zeke (the artist formerly known as Intrepid, his new people have selected a new name for him) decided to try to snuggle.

It did not end well. How I avoided getting scratched I do not know, but I did get both boys out of the bath water before they drowned. They proceeded to deluge the bathroom. Badger, bless him, just sat on the edge of the tub and hung his front paws down to soak his adorable white toes. I guess he wants help keeping them clean.

I have now moved the kittens to my bedroom. The only problem is, it makes me afraid to go to sleep. I am writing this the night before; if you don’t hear from me again it’s because the kittens got me.

EDITED TO ADD: I ended up having to sleep on the futon. See, Tink and Roo both have to sleep with me, and we ended up with a situation where Tink wanted to play with the kittens. Zeke (formerly Intrepid) was being cute and playing with Tink, but this meant there was a lot of bouncing going on from beings of various weight classes. Meanwhile, Badger and Astute wanted to play with Roo, who wanted none of it. They cornered him under the bed and laughed at his hideous noises of disapproval. I gave up and moved into the living room with Tink and Roo and just hope my bedroom survived the night.

Meanwhile, this post from a totally different Roo over at This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things totally made my morning already. And it’s only 0430.

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