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The kittens react to the Good News.

Last night I told the kittens that every one of them has a home lined up.

Astute was so overcome with excitement, he could barely contain himself:
Astute, a small grey and white tabby kitten, lolls in his bed while eyeing the photographer with a certain amount of kittenly skepticism.  I assure you that he was, however, purring.

Intrepid, true to his thoughtful nature, had to have a ponder:
Intrepid, a long-haired tabby and white kitten with a cute white nose and gorgeous almond-shaped eyes, looks very thinky.

Badger was concerned: Would there be noms at his new home? I assured him that there would be.
Badger, a mostly tabby long-haired kitten with the world's most adorable white toes on his front feet, huddles over the food dish and looks concerned.

With the big news out of the way, I sat down in the floor with the boys. Astute wanted to know how I was taking the news that they’d all soon be departing:
Astute, sitting on the photographer's abdomen, leans up towards her face with an air of deep concern.  It is, in fact, possible that he is concern trolling your humble narrator.  Cats are natural concern trolls.

Badger just hoped I wasn’t going to be wearing plaid pajama pants when meeting other people, and also wondered why Astute was in his spot:
Badger lays across the photographer's shins, which are clad in plaid pajama pants that are predominantly pale blue but include white and black stripes.  He obviously disapproves of the pants.  Astute's butt is visible at the bottom of the frame, and this also apparently concerns Badger no end.

Intrepid wanted to reassure me that even though he plans on adoring his new family, I will always be his first human and he will remember me for at least 24 hours or until the first time they throw a jingle ball for him, whichever comes first:
Intrepid and your humble narrator exchange a tender nose kiss.

2 thoughts on “The kittens react to the Good News.

  1. Hey! What breed is Astute? My kitten looks exactly the same as him but I can’t find out his breed!!
    Love your blog :)

    1. He’s just your average feral cat from Virginia, no particular breed.

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