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Weekend round-up, torturing the kittens, great joy!

1) Went down to visit C at Blackthorn Kennel on Sunday, leaving all of my hooligans at home. Sometimes, even in the best relationships, you need a break from each other. I got grievously and relentlessly snuggled, and had a good time in the pool. Also, C mentioned that she would like to get some pics of the 6 week old N litter stacked, which takes two people. Not being a dog show person, I did my best to help. Apparently that isn’t how one does it, so I tried again, with more success.

2) Work has no internet access today, so I’m working from home. Also, I have moved the kittens and their paraphenalia out of the bathroom and into Beowulf’s ginormous crate to traumatizefurther socialize them. I’ll move them back into the bathroom later, meanwhile they’re playing with Q-tips and being DogTV. Zille has already been reprimanded for frustration barking because she can’t lick them, which hurt her tender feelings. Now Tink is trying to lick them through the bars of the crate.

Astute and Badger still need homes! Badger is actively snuggling of his own free will now, and is also the one least traumatized by the dogs, actually. As long as he has a Q-tip to play with, anyway.

3) OMG! Daniel’s visa interview has been scheduled for August 12th! Things are moving, I will probably wind up married mid-Octoberish! ZOMG.

One thought on “Weekend round-up, torturing the kittens, great joy!

  1. I rather like your rendition of stacking puppies! And continued good mojo for Daniel (and you) getting through the dreadful immigration process.

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