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Oh frabjous day!

Your daily update is late today, gentle readers, but that’s all right for I have fabulous news!

Emmaline, Astute, Intrepid, and Badger went to get vetted today! They are all FIV/FeLV negative and have been dewormed. Emmaline has had her rabies/distemper vax, the kittens were too little. They are possibly 10 weeks old.

Emmaline is settled into my bedroom now, the kittens are in the bathroom although Astute will probably move to the bedroom tomorrow so I can focus on socializing Intrepid and Badger. Intrepid is quite friendly but a little wary, Badger is still all “SCREW YOU THUMB MONKEY” although starting to be interested in me since I always show up with food and make the other kittens purr.

In bad news, I haven’t seen Dreadnought in a couple days.

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