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Monday Morning Weekend Roundup

Saturday I relieved myself of kitten-catching duty for a while to go visit with my friend C at Blackthorn Kennel, taking both girldogs with me. And lo, there was socializing and I had actual conversation with another actual human being, and we snuggled puppies and played in the pool and topped everything off with an excellent dinner of Mexican food. Please observe this two-week old sable girl posing with my “Dog is my co-pilot” shirt. Yes, I am enough of a dork to wear it in public, what of it? At any rate, as usual I had a fabulous time and came home with Zille and Tink both worn out, and me for that matter since it was quite late.

Sunday I didn’t see Dreadnought at all, but I did see Emmaline as she stood on the table on my porch to look in the window and yell. Apparently what she wanted was to come in and see the other three kittens and where they’re living, but not actually interact with them. When Intrepid tried to approach her, she hissed and growled and swatted at him. Her opinion seems to be that she has gotten them to me and they are now my problem, not hers. Thanks, Emmaline. After that she wandered off to do whatever it is she does when she’s not sleeping on my porch. Her food consumption is WAY down now that she’s not nursing the hairy little monsters, and she seems much more relaxed. She was not at all worried about being in the house, so I’m hoping she transitions easily after getting a clean bill of health on Wednesday.

Also Sunday evening Tink gruffed at the window to say “STRANGE CAT ALERT” and lo, wandering nonchalantly off the property was a long-haired golden brown tabby tom. I had posited his existence from Badger and Intrepid; Emmaline is more of a grey tabby whereas their tabby stripes are on a golden brown background. I resisted the urge to run outside and yell “I HAVE YOUR CHILDREN DO YOU PLAN ON PAYING SUPPORT?” because my neighbors already think I’m weird.

And now it’s Monday and my leisure time is at an end for another five days. We’re hoping to hear from the London Embassy this week, giving Daniel an appointment time, so I know when there will finally be someone else to help me trap cats and whatnot. Fingers crossed, both in regards to his appointment and Dreadnought’s swift and painless capture!

Oh, and via Rinalia at For the Pitbulls, a fascinating article on The Value of Ear Scritches to Dogs in Shelters.

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Weekend Roundup

  1. So on that article about Ear Scritches:

    I learned at an animal sheltering seminar that best practices indicate that scheduling should allow animal caretakers an average of 15 minutes per animal- this is to cover all of their needs.

    A- 15 minutes is an awfully small amount of time to feed, scoop litterboxes/walk, administer meds, clean cage, and lavish with affection.

    B- I did the math for our shelter at the time, and with approximately 190 animals in our care, it called for 47.5 hours of scheduled manhours to care appropriately for them all. At my well-heeled, new and improved shelter, we were often getting by with 40 hours of scheduled manpower… and often 8-10 of those hours were for administrative work or interacting with the public, not to mention the amount of time spent doing general facility cleaning/laundry/maintenance/answering phones/etc. Thank heavens for volunteers and their willingness to jump in and help out with ear scritches and snuggles and dangly toys and tennis ball bouncing.

    1. I do think the volunteers in a shelter system are probably going to have to be the ones to step in to scritch ears and things. I’d be fascinated to see the same study in relation to cats. I’m betting it would be much more highly variable for them, but you never know!

  2. Andrea, your “Dog is my co pilot” shirt is wonderful! :) My cousin’s hubby has a t-shirt that says “The Dogfather” in the same font as the title to the referential movie…I think Daniel may need to get one of those when he gets here! The puppy is just beyond-words-adorable. Again I curse my allergies. Sigh.

    1. Haha I may have to look for a “Dogfather” shirt for Daniel! have you tried any of the excellent allergy drugs available out there? There’s puppies what need homes! ;)

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