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Let us have a happy post this morning.

I have not yet checked to see if Emmaline has brought Badger and Dreadnought back. I’m kind of afraid to. So instead, we shall contemplate Astute and Intrepid McHissypants, safe in the bathroom.

Oh, what changes a couple days make! Intrepid is only maybe hissing now, and both kittens have learned about cuddling in my lap, climbing my legs, and of course the joys of playing with their jingly ball and their pingpong ball. Intrepid has also learned about being brushed with a soft brush, since being a long-haired kitty he will need to be used to that. He thought it was pretty good and purred about it. Both have wallowed around on their backs to get their tummies tickled enough that I am now confident in calling them boy kitties. They no longer hide when I go into the bathroom, but come looking for my attention. We’ve gotten through a good chunk of Jared Diamond’s Collapse by now, from the chapter on Australia, so these are going to be educated kittens, y’all.

But the best part is definitely the way they purr in stereo when I pet them. There’s something soothing about being in a small room filled with the sound of purring kittens.

EDIT: I HAVE BADGER. Dreadnought is the last kitten standing. I am currently debating bringing Emmaline in to keep Dreadnought from wandering off.

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